Super U Shroom Coffee 150g

Super U Shroom Coffee 150g

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This Mushroom Coffee is the perfect brew to boost energy, productivity and focus. A blend of premium instant Arabica Coffee, Maca and dual-extracted Chaga, Cordyceps & Lion’s Mane Mushrooms to kick-start your morning or to power through your afternoon. 

Servings: 60 servings = 59p per cup! 

✓ Only 50mg of caffeine per serving. Servings: 60 servings = 59p per cup!

✓ Less than half the amount of caffeine compared to a regular cup of coffee.

✓ 500mg of dual-extracted mushrooms per serving.

✓ Energy without the jitters or caffeine crash.

✓ Instant - just add hot water and a splash of milk (if desired).

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  • Ingredients

    Organic: Instant Arabica Coffee (50%), Chaga Mushroom Extract (8:1), Cordyceps Mushroom Extract (8:1), Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract (8:1), Maca Root Powder.

    Taste:  smooth and tastes just like coffee (not mushrooms).

  • Made in

    Made in: Newcastle, United Kingdom

    Producer: Super U

    Locally produced: any product which is made, produced, modified or finished in the UK.

  • Packaging

    Cardboard, aluminium.

    *Plastic-free product: any product that has completely avoided the use of unnecessary plastic.

  • Why does Fressco promote this producer ?

    Like Fressco, Super U lives by the mantra that 'small changes can make a big impact'! From their personal health challenges that Charlotte and Sean were inspired to create Super U, a brand that has changed not just their life but other peoples too.