Voyager Coffee Narino Colombia Single Origin Coffee 227g

Voyager Coffee Narino Colombia Single Origin Coffee 227g

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This coffee was produced by 120 smallholders from the area around Juanambu, in Eastern Narino, South Western Colombia.The region of Buesaco is known for its quality of coffee-producing lots that have placed in the Cup of Excellence in Colombia. The cherries are picked at the precise ripeness to guarantee an optimal level of sugar. Small producers have artisan equipment for the depulping process, which is done without water. This coffee is complex and sweet with a good body, chased by clean notes of nectarine, caramel, and cocoa.


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  • Ingredients

    TASTING NOTES: Nectarine | Caramel | Cocoa

    ORIGIN: Juanambu

    VARIETAL: Caturra

    PROCESS: Washed

    ALTITUDE: 1600 - 2200 masl

    CUPPING SCORE: 84/100

  • Made in

    Produced in: Dartmoor National Park 

    Producer: Voyager Coffee

    Locally produced: any product which is made, produced, modified or finished in the UK

  • Packaging

    100% Compostable.

    *Plastic-free product: any product that has completely avoided the use of unnecessary plastic.

  • Why does Fressco promote this producer ?

    Voyager Coffee believes you should be able to enjoy great coffee anywhere you find yourself, with no waste. The company's vision is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable packaging.

    Voyager Coffee has been on quite the journey: from a one-man start-up all the way to the thriving, multi-award-winning coffee-hub that they are today.  

    The company is an established roastery on the edge of rugged Dartmoor in Buckfastleigh, where they lovingly hand roast each and every small batch. In doing so, they continue to produce the most exciting and flavoursome single-origin coffee experiences and espresso blends for all to enjoy!

    This company takes pride in being the roasters at the forefront of Devon’s exciting coffee scene. Sourcing rich and delicious coffees from sustainable farms around the world. In order to supply the region with the best-tasting coffee, they work with small, specialist importers to ensure traceability. 

    Like Fressco, Voyager Coffee also believes in minimising our environmental footprint; that is why they are the first coffee roasters in Devon or Cornwall to use 100% compostable packaging.