Kim Kong Kimchi Unpasteurised Vegan Kimchi 330g

Kim Kong Kimchi Unpasteurised Vegan Kimchi 330g

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Kim Kong Kimchi makes naturally fermented, unpasteurised, vegan kimchi. Every jar is a spicy/sour probiotic party of lactic acid bacteria and loaded with vitamins. It’s raw, vegan and locally made in London, but most importantly it tastes amazing – and that’s why we were awarded two stars in the 2019 Great Taste Awards (they thought it was “full of intense flavour that perfectly balances all the right notes of spice, sweetness, saltiness and tang…[and] a very good example of a kimchi made with care”). 



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  • Ingredients

    Chinese leaf, spring onion, carrot, gochugaru (chilli flakes), aka miso [soybean, rice, salt, ethyl alcohol, koji, yeast], ginger, garlic, salt, sugar

    Minimum Shelf life 7 days from delivery.

    Keep it chilled all the time.

  • Made in

    Made in: London, England

    Producer: Kim Kong Kimchi

    Locally produced: any product which is made, produced, modified or finished in the UK. 

  • Packaging

    Glass, aluminium. 

    *Plastic-free product: any product that has completely avoided the use of unnecessary plastic.

  • Why does Fressco promote this producer ?

    Kim Kong kimchi ticks lots of health food boxes (it’s unpasteurised, vegan, gluten-free and loaded with vitamins), but most importantly (to me anyway) it’s addictively, incredibly delicious! 

    Kim Kong Kimchi is based on baechu-style kimchi, made with hand-cut chinese leaf cabbage, carrots and spring onions. What makes our kimchi special is that we wanted to make something that tasted totally authentic and delicious, but was suitable for everyone (thus vegan & gluten-free). In order to keep the traditional flavour and rich, deep colour we source sweet, slightly smoky ‘gochugaru’ chilli flakes. While we omit fish products (as would often be found in kimchi) to keep my product vegan, we’ve found that aged ‘aka’ miso provides an excellent umami kick. Once it’s mixed it’s left in huge barrels to ferment. Some kimchis are jarred after just 3 or 4 days, but we wanted Kim Kong Kimchi to have a richer, more developed flavour, so we ferment ours for much longer. It’s left unpasteurised (unlike most imported kimchi). That means that even when you get it home it will slowly develop, ripening and becoming more sour (which is great for recipes like jjigae!).