Where does FRESSCO deliver?

FRESSCO currently serves only the region of London.

When can I expect my order?

For Same-day deliveries, the orders will have to be placed before 10am for all the products except bakery. See exemptions for Bakery products*

Orders placed after 10 am will be considered as 1-3 working days delivery for all the products except bakery. See exemptions for Bakery products*

How much does the delivery cost?

We offer free delivery for all orders above £35.

Delivery Charge (for purchase under £35): £2.99

Special Delivery Charge (for purchase under £35) SE19, SE20, SE21, SE25, SE26, SE27: £1.99

What packaging will be used for my order?

All of Fressco’s products are plastic-free packaging. We will use very minimal packaging to deliver the total of your purchase.

Can I edit my order?

Unfortunately, no. Due to the high volume of orders, we are currently processing, it’s not possible to amend your order after it has been placed. This includes swapping or removing items or substituting items that we are not able to send.

Can I cancel my order?

We will accept cancellations within 1 hour of placing your order. Please email us at customerservice@fresscouk.co.uk with the subject line 'CANCELLATION’ and your order number. We are not able to cancel your order any later than this.

How do I know when my order has been dispatched?

You will receive an automated email when your order has been dispatched, this email will be sent on the same day as your delivery is due.

When is payment processed for my order?

Payment for your order is processed during check out. We will adjust for any missing or replacement items and you will only be charged for what we send to you. Any amount showing on your bank statement before dispatch is a pre-authorisation for the order amount being held by the bank.

Some of the items on my order are unavailable. Should I expect a refund?

We don’t process payments until your order has been dispatched. The amount you are charged is adjusted to reflect any missing items. As you are only charged for items we have sent to you, you will not receive a refund. If the amount charged is lower than the pre-authorisation, this should be released by your bank within 2-10 working days.

Can I return items?

Due to COVID restrictions, we do not accept returns. Nevertheless, We suggest you to check your order as soon as it arrives and indicate the delivery person if any item has a default: if your products arrived in bad conditions we recommend to take a picture and send it to us ASAP.

What are Fressco’s hygiene procedures (COVID Regulations)?

Current Public Health England advice is that under most circumstances, the amount of infectious virus on any contaminated surfaces is likely to have decreased significantly by 24 hours, and even more so by 48 hours.

Currently, we are in a critical situation, and over the top hygiene is becoming the new normal, because that and social distancing is what we need to do.

For the above reason at Fressco, we ensure that:

  • Our delivery staff use the proper equipment to deliver your order with all the sanitary precautions (antibacterial, masks)
  • Our delivery bags are disinfected every day every 60 minutes
  • Ringing the bell and stepping back: When delivering, our staff will Keep 2m or 6ft away from your door is also an important means of reducing risk, and this is relevant in relation to deliveries.
  • We do not ask for a signature.

What to do with the delivery next?

You may be concerned that there may be contamination on your deliveries. Nevertheless, as informed we aim to deliver your purchases in the most hygiene condition possible.

We also advise, for our customer's peace of mind to Disinfect the shopping bag handles when they arrive at your doorstep and simply wash your hands after handling the bags.

You also could take the item to a place where you can easily clean and disinfect and spray the outer packaging with disinfectant (you could do this in your garden, in the garage or on the kitchen floor). You can use a disinfecting bleach solution or just white vinegar. Wash your hands, leave the parcel for a few minutes, then unpack the outer packaging, put in the empty the bags onto your worktop or table to sort them. Have a place to put the shopping bags to one side (they will be ok to re-use after 3 days). Wash your hands and disinfect any hand contact surfaces you may have touched with dirty hands.

For more information please contact us on our customer chat or send us an email to enqueries@fressco.uk