Fressco's strategy


Our mission is to promote socially-minded, sustainable, and ethically produced food and beverages that don't affect the environment but will benefit the local economy and the customers’ everyday needs and desires. We are working hard to provide our customers with the best products, and most importantly, we aim to protect the planet by balancing our actions. We will educate the population in order to prevent irresponsible waste, to support local economies and to normalize responsible consumption.


Our purpose is to be recognized as a world change-maker company that will share the best ecologically-minded practices and will expand the awareness of consumption. We will create enduring value while promoting a new way of consumption that not only supports local producers, farmers and businesses but also contributes to the environment and the country’s economic development.

OUR VALUESWe firmly believe that new products are common but new thinking is rare. Fressco trusts and supports local and sustainable ideas where the objectives are not only profitability but reaping benefits to the environment by promoting:

  • Awareness of consumption
  • Honesty and professionalism
  • Real commitment: Hard work to be an example for future generations.
  • Integrity by taking care of our natural resources in order to leave a better world to future generations.


To tackle climate change by educating and creating consciousness about the effects that our consumption choices might have on the environment.


  • To honour the importance of taking care of our planet.
  • To make our customers feel part of the change.
  • To revolutionize the way of purchasing and consumption
  • To show an easy way of change.
  • To make our customers' lives easier and greener by putting our planet as a priority
  • To facilitate access to information through an easy tool that will inform customers about the products to be consumed.
  • To offer a 100% vegan catalogue by the end of 2022.