“Innovation is about taking an approach that hasn’t been taken before; having the vision to see things differently and putting that vision into action” Chris Evans from ignition One.



FRESSCO is an online grocery store focused on promoting, selling and delivering only locally produced foods that are free of unnecessary plastic. Fressco aims to effectively tackle the lack of agency in sourcing good quality products from the local producers in London. Fressco is not just a business, but an idea that could revolutionise the way we purchase by adapting to a completely sustainable method of consumption. Click here to see our video.


We truly believe that small changes when combined together can generate huge benefits!

FRESSCO supplies the British market with ethically produced foods characterized for being locally produced* and plastic-free. Our platform promotes, sells and delivers selected products whose producers’ vision is driven by a sustainable initiative alike to FRESSCO’s.

FRESSCO’s main goal is to tackle climate change by creating consciousness about the effects that our consumption choices might have on the environment. Our company is determined to balance the carbon emission and also reduce the amount of carbon emissions generated in the supply chain by simple initiatives that do not cost a fortune and make us better world citizens without affecting our needs and wants. Our initiative is simple: support local, reject plastic, consume more vegan and balance our carbon emission by planting trees.

The optional CARBON TAX imposed by Fressco will contribute to balancing the carbon emission generated in the production and delivery of your purchase through the entire supply chain. Each product will display the approximate carbon emission generated by your purchase. All you need to do is CLICK on 1% carbon tax option when checking out. 



FRESSCO’s challenge is to create a new way of looking after the planet without affecting the e-commerce market and the customers' desires but while increasing awareness of consumption at the same time.

FRESSCO is putting so much effort into finding a way to maintain the food e-commerce market without affecting the planet and by informing the customer, a type of approach that has not been tried before. Being first, it is what ultimately makes it innovative.

Our idea is to contribute to solving the existing environmental issues in a simple manner. Our idea is simple but revolutionary; we represent a new way of purchasing where the customers will understand that their consumption behaviour cost the environment. This new concept will awaken customers and will distinguish our company from the rest.

We are aware that this process will require a progressive adaptation from the public. We need a change and that requires a new way of approaching the current environmental situation. FRESSCO’s initiative gives a different perspective by offering a solution that is incredibly simple to see and deliver yet yielding a powerful result.

In order to address this challenge and materialise this idea, FRESSCO has formed associations with Non-Government Organisations to tackle climate change by mainly planting trees. FRESSCO contributes all the funds collected from the Carbon Taxation System to these organisations to implement their carbon offsetting projects. The customers contributed to this system will be updated as and when the projects are being implemented.

*Locally produced product: any product which is made, produced, modified or finished in the UK.

*Plastic-free product: any product that has completely avoided the use of unnecessary plastic. Some products may contain traces of unavoidable plastic

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