3 Love Cocoa Chocolates (75g x 3)

3 Love Cocoa Chocolates (75g x 3)

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The finest single-origin Free from Palm Oil // Slave-Free // Suitable for Vegetarians// Single Origin Chocolate. Choose 3 of the following flavours (don't forget to specify them at checkout in 'Comments'):

  • LOVE COCOA CRUSHED COFFEE MILK CHOCOLATE BAR (75g): The combination of the finest, freshest crushed coffee beans from Perky Blenders with Love Cocoa house 41% chocolate from Colombia. Bite into the bar and feel the crunchy texture of these delicious coffee beans. This is a real favourite for any coffee lover and is sure to tempt non-coffee drinkers too!
  • LOVE COCOA EARL GREY MILK CHOCOLATE BAR (75g): Quintessentially British as subtle Earl Grey cold-pressed Bergamot flavours are blended with single-origin, 41% milk chocolate from Colombia. A chocolate bar for tea time! This sweet treat is perfect for anyone who appreciates a good cuppa.
  • BIRTHDAY CAKE WHITE CHOCOLATE BAR (75g): This chocolate bar is quite magical... bringing back childhood memories combining delicious white chocolate infused with aromatic vanilla and lots of crunchy sprinkles! It comes in stunning eye-catching packaging and is the chocolate you will not forget for a long time. What a better way to say Happy Birthday?
  • GIN AND TONIC DARK CHOCOLATE BAR (75g): Gin and Chocolate, we can't think of a more heavenly pairing! Your favourite refreshing cocktail combined with our single-origin dark chocolate from Colombia. Sophisticated yet fun, the ultimate treat for a gin lover! Once popped into your mouth, the natural aroma of juniper is enhanced on your palate along with the taste of velvety smooth chocolate.
  • ORANGE NIBS DARK CHOCOLATE BAR (75g): Luscious orange essence with crunchy cocoa nibs all combined with single origin, 70% dark chocolate from Colombia to give a perfectly balanced bar. The combination of our dark chocolate and orange makes the best treat for all orange chocolate lovers!
  • ENGLISH MINT VEGAN DARK CHOCOLATE BAR (75g): Summerdown single estate English mint oil subtly blended with delicious dark chocolate from Colombia. Elegance personified. The inclusion of pure Black Mitcham mint brings a palate-cleansing, intense taste to the chocolate.

The products will be packed in a fressco gift box/bag with a Christmas note if desire (please write it down at checkout in 'comments')

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  • Ingredients

    Ingredients:Organic milk chocolate from Colombia (raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole MILK powder, cocoa mass, vanilla extract, emulsifi­er: sunflower lecithin 0.1%). Min. Cocoa solids 37%, Min. Milk solids 24%. 

    Allergens: Contains Milk.Made on machinery that processes Tree Nuts (almonds, hazelnuts), Peanuts and Wheat.

    co2-fressco.pngOne standard chocolate 49g bar = 169g CO2 approx.

  • Made in

    Made in: London, United Kingdom.

    Producer: Love Cocoa.

    Locally produced: any product which is made, produced, modified or finished in the UK.

  • Packaging

    Plastic Free Packaging (compostable inner film).

    *Plastic-free product: any product that has completely avoided the use of unnecessary plastic.

  • Why does Fressco promote this producer ?

    The founder, James Cadbury, is building on his predecessors' legacy of philanthropy and authenticity with his chocolate company. He has created Love Cocoa with a clear aim: to make great tasting chocolate here in Great Britain whilst retaining the ethical principles upon which the original Cadbury’s was founded. 

    Love cocoa chocolate itself is manufactured in a family-run British factory that sources fair trade and organic cocoa from farmers in South America where sustainability is at the heart of the process, and the farming is done in an organic way where the work extends post-harvest to renovate plantations and replant trees. They take great care in sourcing the chocolate bars, working with a supplier who guarantees to cocoa farmers a higher than market price. They work with farmers to improve the way they harvest their crop, from ensuring trees are replanted, to monitoring the way the beans are fermented. 

    The company also has the 'Plant a tree' project, which just in 2020 aims to plant 500,000 trees to fight against climate change. Like Fressco, Love Cocoa aims to plant trees in order to balance the carbon emission. Hence, it has partnered with The Rainforest Foundation, to combat deforestation, cocoa farmer poverty, and human rights abuses, all rife within the cocoa industry. All Love Cocoa products are free-from palm oil and per bar, they plant one tree in Northern Cameroon. By partnering with The Rainforest Foundation, Love Cocoa shows its commitment to zero deforestation and poverty and hopes to revitalise the humble cocoa bean to its rightful glory.